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Miyavi tour shirt 2008, Bought in Amstelveen, NETHERLANDS. Was worn once. I'm selling it because Im too fat it's too small.
Size is L.
I bought it for 35 EUROS ($45, 31 Pounds and 4,431.58 Yen)
Willing to sell from 20 euros without shipping. (Highest bid will obv. get it)

What: Good Charlotte shirt
Size: L
From: bought on their '06/'07 tour
PRICE: € 10,-

What: Random buttons
From: Everywhere
PRICE: Name your price

What: Belly button piercings, (only used in ears, will be cleaned)
From: Claires
PRICE: € 3,- for one.

What: Heavy ring, (male size ), Bought inspired by Ruki
From: Goth shop, it was € 15,-
PRICE: € 8,-

What: One Cupcake earring.
My friend had one lobe stretched so I got this one.
From: Claires
PRICE: € 3,-

What: Cute Guitar dangle earrings
From: No idea
PRICE: € 3,-

What: Gloomy bear charm
From: Internet, got them for € 10,-
PRICE: € 3,- for one

What: Pink cat earrings
From: Claires
PRICE: € 3,-

What: Pink unicorn necklace
From: H&M
PRICE: € 4,-

What: Plastic bracelets
From: ASDA
PRICE: € 2,-

What: CUTE zipper necklace, I hate to let this go
From: H&M probably
PRICE: € 2,-

What: Lolita inspired necklace
From: Ehhhhhhh....
PRICE: € 3,-

B.A.A.L cd, TERRITORY OF "B.A.A.L" Cover is slightly cracked. Don't want much for it but Shipping is your cost.
starting from €5,-

No.139 (2 2009) - €8,- Without shipping
No.140 (3 2009) - €8,- Without shipping

Its the same magazine
J-beat (german)
( at the jrock side it has: Alice nine, an cafe, ayabie, dio, gazette, kaggra, kra, lmc. larc en ciel, lynch, matenrou opera, miyavi, nightmare, screw, sug, versailles, wizard, 12012 and x-japan and hide. Jpop side: arashi, ayumi hamaski, bi rain, boa, exile, hikaru utada, kaela kimura, kato miliyah, koda kumi, leah dizon, mihimaru gt, misia, namie amuro, polysics, sowelu. w-inds. yui, yuna ito, morning musume, cute, berryz koubou and various artists)

Was bought for €7.90 will start bidding from €3,- without shipping.
( ask me about the posters, I put some on my wall I'll check for you what's in it )

Gothic & Lolita book.
Bidding starts at €10,- without shipping.

also selling:
Peach (german J-magazine) - 06/07 october - november 2007
Move, Miyavi, Plastic tree, versailles, gackt, rentrer en soi, aoi teshima and shanadoo
poster of: versailles
(bid from €2,-)

Peach (german J-magazine) - 01/08 december - januari 2008
The gazette, Leah Dizon, Yuna ito, Lynch, Larc en ciel, GO!GO!7188, Yui, Polysics. About JROCK INVASION
Posters of Ruki Of Gazette, Leah Dizon, Ai Otsuka, SAKURAN, Yui
(bid from €2,-)
( ask me about the posters, I put some on my wall I'll check for you what's in it )

Peach (german J-magazine) - febuary - march 2009
Gackt, Chariots, ANTI FEMINISM, serial number, nega, dolly, moran, heidi., breakerz, 9mm parabellum bullet, stance punks. b'z, lead, 80_pan, fahrenheit, Ninomiya kazunari, Boa.
Poster: Gackt, Boa, Hizaki of Versailles, 9mm parabellum bullet
(bid from €2,-)
( ask me about the posters, I put some on my wall I'll check for you what's in it )

POPCORN - German magazine: Has posters of AYABIE and AN CAFE
( ask me about the posters, I put some on my wall I'll check for you what's in it )

Vinyl Syndicate - Sex post revenge
12012, Zwei, Zoro and thats as far as I get to figuring it out. Just bid something it was free, but shipping is still for you.

ROCKOON! - German rock magazine.
DAUTO (d=out), Dir en grey, GIRUGAMESH.
bid from € 3,-

GOOD CHARLOTTE EP - The Cronicles of Life and Death € 10,-
Special Edition, YELLOW Vinyl EP. Cost me a lot.

Special Edition, Vinyl EP. Cost me a lot.

GOOD CHARLOTTE EP - Predictable € 10,-
Vinyl EP. Cost me a lot.

Special Edition, Vinyl EP. Cost me a lot.

1. PUNK-O-RAMA 9 € 8,-
Both the CD and the DVD are in great condition. Might be played once or twice. The box is slightly cracked in the back but not too much. If you want to know what's in the dvd ask in a comment or email me

01. Social Suicide - Bad Religion
02. Ride The Wings Of Pestilence - From Last To Firs
03. Armed Love - The (international) Noise Conspiracy
04. The Keys To Life Vs. 15 Minutes Of Fame - Atmosphere
05. Now I Know - Pennywise
06. Throw Down - Motion City Soundtrack
07. Tropical London - Rancid
08. The Dirty Glass - Dropkick Murpheys
09. Plea From A Cat Named Virtue - The Weakerthans
10. Promise - Matchbook Romance
11. Vision - Beatsteaks
12. Liberation Frequency - Refused
13. Struck By A Wrecking Ball - Nekromatnix
14. Bad Reputation - Pulley
15. Fall Apart - 1208
16. Psychic - Heideroosjes
17. Sing Along Forever - The Bouncing Souls
18. Seein' Diamonds - Hot Water Music
19. Life Goes By - The Special Goodness
20. Miss Take (Radio Edit) - Horrorpops
21. Temptation - Tiger Army
22. Dirty Love - Division Of Laura Lee
23. Burn In Hell - Error
24. Now - Eyedea & Abilities
25. The Plague (Live) - Death By Stereo

Info will be added when the CD has been found and in good condition --'

3. Voodoo Glow Skulls - Adicción, Tradición, Revolución € 8,-
The CD is in great condition. Might be played once or twice.

1. Ghettoblaster
2. Addicion, Tradicion, Revolucion
3. Mayhem And Murder
4. Smile Now, Cry Later
5. DD Don't Like Ska
6. Dia De Los Muertos
7. Eville
8. Cochino
9. Disaster
10. Musical Pollution
11. We Represent
12. Enter The Dragon
13. Bastard Music
14. Used To Love Her

4. AIR: The Virgin Suicides: Original Motion Picture Score [SOUNDTRACK] € 8,-
The box and the CD have light scratches but nothing too bad

1. Playground Love
2. Clouds Up
3. Bathroom Girl
4. Cemetary Party
5. Dark Messages
6. The Word 'Hurricane'
7. Dirty Trip
8. Highschool Lover (Theme From The Virgin Suicides)
9. Afternoon Sister
10. Ghost Song
11. Empty House
12. Dead Bodies
13. Suicide Underground

3. Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party (Come Get It) € 4,-
The box and the CD are scratched. The CD still plays though

1. Introduction: Come To The Party
2. Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
3. I Want Candy
4. Bounce
5. My Internet Girl
6. That's How I Beat Shaq
7. The Clapping Song
8. Iko Iko
9. Real Good Time
10. Tell Me What You Want
11. Girl You Shine
12. Big Bad 'Shine-y' Beat Box

4. HelloGoodbye - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! € 8,-
The box and the CD are in perfect condition, played only twice.

1. All of Your Love
2. Here in Your Arms
3. All Time Lows
4. Stuck to You
5. Home Wrecker
6. Oh, It Is Love
7. Baby It's a Fact
8. Figures A and B
9. Saw it on Your Keyboard
10. Touchdown Turnaround
11. Two Weeks in Hawaii

1. Good Charlotte, Unplugged at the thearer of living arts Philidephia € 9,-
This DVD is an illegal BOOTLEG. It was bought through EBAY and has light scratches on the DVD but these were there when I bought it. In the beginning the screen is a bit blurry and off but after a few songs you get clear few of Benji and Joel

1. The Motivation Proclamation
2. Seasons
3. The Young And The Hopeless
4. Riot Girl
5. The Story Of My Old Man (Says My Old Man)
6. Day That I Die
7. Thank You Mom
8. Wondering (Says Wandering on the box)
9. Emotionless
10. Moving On
11. Acquiesce
12. Change
13. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

2. Good Charlotte - Live at Brixton Academy € 9,-
This DVD contains the live show at Brixton Academy. Box and DVD are lightly scratched but nothing too serious. DVD plays fine even though it has been played about a million times

1. The Anthem
2. Festival Song
3. Riot Girl
4. Wondering
5. Girls & Boys
6. My Bloody Valentine
7. Hold On
8. The Story Of My Old Man
9. I Heard You
10. Movin' On
11. Emotionless
12. The Day That I Die
13. The Young & The Hopeless
14. Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous

+ Behind the Scenes Documentary, Photogallery, Discography & Biography

3. Good Charlotte - Video Collection € 9,-
This DVD contains the Video Collection from before HOLD On. Box and DVD are lightly scratched but nothing too serious. DVD plays fine even though it has been played about a million times

1. Little Things (video and commentary)
2. The Motivation Proclamation (video and commentary)
3. Festival Song (video and commentary)
4. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (video and commentary)
5. The Anthem (video and commentary)
6. Girls & Boys (video and commentary)
7. The Young & the Hopeless (video and commentary)

+ Discography, GC Evolution (Photo Gallery), Trial TV, The Click

4. Good Charlotte - FAST FUTURE GENERATION € 9,-
This DVD contains the documentary of Good Charlotte in Japan. Really hated this DVD because I felt like it made all of us other fans bad fans. Though I love Japan and Japanese music much more now. It still has the small pamphlet about the GOOD MORNING REVIVAL CD in it.

What Is The Concert
Crowds In Japan
First Show
That Show Sucked
Fashion Talk
Benji DJ
Trying To Make That Record
Problems With Celebrities
2nd Show
Billy The Artist
Justin Davis
Paul The Producer
Live 8
Bullet Train
Found My Inspiration
Last Show
End Credits

Directed by Marvin Scott Jarrett.

2. Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party: Live In Concert DVD € 9,-
This DVD contains the live show of Aaron Carter at age 13 from Disney Floriday. Both the Box and CD are unscratched even though I've had it for YEARS.

1. Life is a party
2. That's how I beat shaq
3. Tell me what you want
4. Bounce
5. Iko Iko
6. One for the summer
7. I want Candy
8. Aaron's Party ( Come Get it )
9. Nick & Aaron: Brotherly Love
10. Making The Video: That's how I beat shaq
11. The Video: That's how I beat shaq
12. Aaron & Family on Performing
13. Dirt Biking with Aaron
14. Live From House of Blues: Real Good Time
15. The Snick House's #1 Fan
16. Aaron Swims With the Fish
17. Karaoke with Sister Leslie

3. Backstreet Boys - Black and Blue Around the World € 9,-
In Around the World, the Backstreet Boys take an amazing 100-hour tour in November 2000 to coincide with the release of Black & Blue. Both the Box and CD are scratched but nothing to serious. It has the original price sticker inside. Which was € 24,-

1. The Call
2. Shape of My Heart
3. Get Another Boyfriend
4. Shining Star
5. I Promise You (With Everything I Am)
6. The Answer To Our Life
7. Everyone
8. More Than That
9. Time
10. Not For Me
11. Yes I Will
12. It's True
13. How Did I Fall In Love With You
14. What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)

those songs along with a whole documentary.

3. Anouk - Anouk Is Alive (2DVD - special edition) € 9,-
Opened but never played. unscratched

DVD 1:
1. Love
2. Only You
3. One Word
4. Alright
5. More Than You Deserve
6. Don't
7. R U Kiddin' Me
8. Falling Sun
9. Sacrifice
10. Flower Duet
11. Who Cares
12. Too Long
13. No Time To Waste
14. The Dark
15. Everything
16. Hail
17. Searching
18. Jerusalem
19. I Live For You

20. Michel
21. Our Own Love
22. Graduated Fool
23. It's So Hard
24. Nobody's Wife
25. Home Is In My Head
26. Girl
27. Lost

Good Charlotte - The Young And The Hopeless/Hold On Single € 5,-
Box slightly damaged, CD slightly scratched. Has a LEVEL 27/MADE/DCFLAG thing in it.

Good Charlotte - BOOTLEGS € 6,-
Box is cardboard, Bought through original MERCH with BRIXTON DVD. CD is good.

Bought this for A LOT of money. Box just slightly damaged and so is the dualdisc CD.

Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous € 2,-
Box, DAMAGED TO HELL. booklet was taken to be signed and left in the rain by an old friend. CD just as damaged. I just need it off my hands really.

Good Charlotte - Keep Your Hands Of My Girl single € 7,-
Box slightly Damaged, CD is in good condition.

Good Charlotte - Predictable Single (Limited EDITION) € 7,-
Box has sticker glue on it from the stickers the GC people put on. Poster not included. CD is fine

Good Charlotte - Predictable € 7,-
Both Box and CD are in good condition. No scratches

Good Charlotte - The Chronicles Of Life And Death € 7,-
Box slightly cracked and CD is in good condition.

Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous € 6,-
Cardboard box, No scratches

Good Charlotte - Girls and Boys € 6,-
CD is in good condition. box has slight cracks

Good Charlotte - The chronicles of life and death (life) € 7,-
Both Box and CD are scratched but work fine.

OZZY Osbourne, Live at Budokan € 7,-
Both Box and CD are scratched but CD works perfectly

MXPX - Let's Rock € 7,-
Both Box and CD are in good condition. No scratches. CD only played once

GREENDAY - American idiot € 7,-
Both Box and CD are in good condition. No scratches

GREENDAY - Nimrod € 7,-
Both Box and CD are in good condition. No scratches

SUM 41 - Half Hour Of Power € 5,-
Both Box and CD are scratched

N*E*R*D - Fly or Die € 7,-
Both Box and CD are in good condition.

I only take PAYPAL (unless youre from holland then I take account to account too.)
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